We’re holding a business contest

Submit your “BLACK IDEA” to participate in the NEXT IS YOU business contest.


In the 2000s, we built up the MOUSSY subculture by putting our desires into shape.

Since then, Baroque Japan Limited has grown into a brand with a global reach.


With the fast approaching global events causing ripples through Japan, as well as the shifts we have seen from magazines to SNS, from brick and mortar stores to e-commerce, from one decade to the next, we’re moving onto a new era at breakneck speed.


Legendary ideas are not born from common sense. Our future will be shaped by the “BLACK” ideas of the highest standing and exceptional stature.


Let us hear your most innovative and avant-garde suggestions.

Necessary partners will be selected for resources we lack, and the Baroque Group will work as a whole to commercialize your idea.


The initial selection process shall be a review of the documentation. Please submit documents summarizing the project from ENTRY. Each candidate retained from this initial screening may proceed to a presentation tournament, at the end of which the Grand Prix winner shall be announced.

*The Grand Prix may be shared by several participants.


Applications may be submitted by individuals and organizations alike, regardless of age or nationality.


Support for the winner

Baroque Japan Limited will provide support in scaling the business through investments, business tie-ups and such.


Application period

February 27 (Wednesday) to May 31 (Friday), 2019


Other application guidelines

For further information on the application guidelines, please refer to the business plan section in GUIDELINE.


*This contest only accepts applications in the form of business plans.