NEXT IS YOU has set up specialists from each industry.
  • Masahiro Nakamura

    Masahiro Nakamura

    tsukuruba Inc.
  • Shinko Osada

    Shinko Osada

    Director of the Board
    Vice Secretary General of
    Future Design Shibuya
  • Takumi Yoshida

    Takumi Yoshida

    7sense Inc. / nommoc Inc.
  • Asako Tsuji

    Asako Tsuji

    adot co.,ltd / KARASU Inc.
    Creative Director
  • Interview + tsukuruba Inc.
  • Interview + Future Design Shibuya
  • Interview + 7sense Inc. + nommoc Inc.
  • Interview + adot co.,ltd + KARASU Inc.


Your ideas will form the future

About next-generation content
development project "NEXT IS YOU"



Legendary ideas are not born from common sense.
Our futurewill be shaped by the “BLACK” ideas of the highest
standing and exceptional stature.

  • 表彰者サポート
    Support for winners

    We will provide support to the winner in realizing their business.

  • 01
    Eligibility criteria

    Applications may be submitted by individuals and organizations alike, regardless of age or nationality.
    Applicants must be available to attend presentations to be held in 2019 (consult us for scheduling)

  • 02
    Application details

    Not only the apparel industry, but also for the whole industry for the next generation. We want to hear the innovative business plan (BLACK IDEA) from you.
    There are no limitation to the number of ideas. You may submit as many ideas as you wish.

  • 03
    Selection process

    [Initial selection process: review of the documentation]
    ・Submit documents consisting of your business plan in the following form.
    (business outline, market background, what you aim to achieve with your business, what you can do in operating your business, and your business plan are necessary elements)
    ・Those who pass the initial selection process shall be notified by mail of the final selection process and the schedule shall be arranged.

    [Final selection process: presentation]
    ・A presentation shall be made by those who have passed the initial selection process.
    ・The most promising business plan shall be nominated by special judges, our CEO and our young employees.
    *The Grand Prix may be shared by several participants.

  • 04
    Selection schedule

    ・Initial selection process: February 27 (Wednesday) to May 31 (Friday)
    *Those retained after the initial selection process may be notified at any time.

    ・Final selection process: Scheduling shall be arranged for each candidate retained from the initial selection process.

  • 05
    Special instructions

    ・Regarding patent rights, utility model rights, copyright, trademark rights, design rights and other intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as "related intellectual property rights") arising with regard to the submitted idea (hereinafter referred to as "the submitted idea") shall belong to the applicant.
    ・Regarding the related intellectual property rights, the applicant must be responsible for legal protection procedures such as registration application procedures.
    ・It is the responsibility of the applicant to take countermeasures in advance to ensure that the submitted idea does not infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights or on confidentiality obligations, nor violate confidentiality obligations or personal information protection, and is free of privacy infringement or other problems. In addition, we shall assume that proper countermeasures have been taken for all submitted ideas.

  • 06
    Contact information

    Please contact us from the email address below regarding any and all questions or clarifications regarding the application

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